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The Polish Ecumenical Council (pol. Polska Rada Ekumeniczna) is a community of Churches affiliated in it. It was established in 1946. Its activity is aimed at developing ecumenical dialogue, religious tolerance and the coming together and cultivation of fraternal relations between Churches. It conducts its activity in many areas: organizing ecumenical services, conferences, youth camps and exchanges; undertaking diaconal (charity) initiatives; holding interdenominational dialogues and consultations with state authorities; cooperating with media; and implementing a variety of projects. The Council’s work is conducted in its six commissions (diaconal, dialogue, women, media, youth and Christian education) and in fourteen regional branches throughout Poland.

The Polish Ecumenical Council is also part of the international ecumenical movement.  It has affiliated-council status with the World Council of Churches.  It also cooperates with the Conference of European Churches and the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe.

Churches having legal-entity status and teaching that they confess a faith in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as well as holding Jesus Christ to be the God-Man and Saviour, can be members of the Polish Ecumenical Council.  Christian unions, societies, institutes and organizations can be associate members of the Council.

The Polish Ecumenical Council currently affiliates seven member Churches:

The Church of Christian Baptists in the R(epublic) of P(oland) (pol. Kościół Chrześcijan Baptystów w RP)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the RP (pol. Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski w RP)

   The Evangelical Methodist Church in the RP (pol. Kościół Ewangelicko-Metodystyczny w RP)

  The Evangelical Reformed Church in the RP (pol. Kościół Ewangelicko-Reformowany w RP)

The Polish Catholic Church in the RP (pol. Kościół Polskokatolicki w RP)

The Old Catholic Mariavite Church in the RP (pol. Kościół Starokatolicki Mariawitów w RP)

  The Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church (pol. Polski Autokefaliczny Kościół Prawosławny)

Associate members of the Council are:

   The Bible Society in Poland (pol. Towarzystwo Biblijne w Polsce)

  The Social Society of Polish Catholics (pol. Społeczne Towarzystwo Polskich Katolików)

Statute of the Polish Ecumenical Council

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